I am stoked to be able to say that the good people at LAG guitars and Dunlop Strings have decided to endorse yours truly, with some benefits for chris too. After playing the LAG guitars i had no hesitation changing to them as my main acoustic, they are a french designed guitar, extremely well crafted and a pleasure to play.

...and dunlop strings? well.... when it was offered to me i was unsure as i have been using the same string brand for years, but after trying them out on my current guitars, their brighter tones and stay in tune attitude won me over!!!

How refreshing it is to hear real music. The kind that draws you in, shakes your hand and whispers, "f**k the politics, lets play music!" The kind of music that this industry has been starved of for so long and exactly the kind of music that lives through singer/songwriter: Andrew Swift.
With other touring and recording commitments hampering five years of personal song writing, Andrew finally decided to part ways with his long time friends ‘Race The Fray’ before jumping to the stage to capture both our hearts and minds. That he did. With his powerful collaborations of taut, acoustic grooves and dense, melodic hooks, it would have only been fair to top it all off with the rounded hum of an acoustic guitar.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for his local acoustic set to gain wider recognition and in his first year of going solo, Andrew found himself supporting classic Australian artists such as The Black Sorrows, Mental As Anything, James Reyne, Peter Combe and Dragon. Fans began to steadily relish in his astounding live performances, holding acclaim to such a powerful voice that often echoes through an entire venue unscathed.
However, unsatisfied with this, and continually eager to challenge himself musically, he enlisted the talents of four more musicians to strengthen his already rock-solid set. A second guitar, bass and drums were all thrown in to the mix, with the unconventional addition of a cello bringing much anticipation from his already curious fan base. This new arrangement proved undoubtingly successful and Andrew has since secured shows alongside some of Australia’s favourites; Evermore, Grinspoon, Diesel, Noiseworks, Juke Kartel and Angelas Dish. Between shows he’s been working hard in the studio on four standout tracks that has shaped his debut solo e.p: ‘Cornered by Shadows’ which is set to proove himself as a talented musician who is, evidently, only at the very beginning of his bright, musical future.

courtesy of www.andrewswift.com.au


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