Dunlop GDVP3 Volume X

Son of Snark - The Smallest Snark Tuner Yet!


‘Son of Snark’ Electric, bass and acoustic guitar clip-on chromatic mini tuner with flawless accuracy. Just over 1 inch square. Clips out of sight behind the headstock of both left and right hand guitars. Full colour LCD needle display with high sensitivity vibration sensor. On/off push switch. CR2032 battery included. Blue.




Dunlop GDVP3 Volume X

Dunlop GDVP3 Volume (X)


Create incredibly smooth volume swells or control your effect pedal parameters with the Dunlop DVP3 Volume X. Small and pedalboard-friendly, the DVP3 is solidly-built and ready for the road. It’s housed in an aluminum chassis with aggressive non-slip tread and comes equipped with our patent-pending Band Drive for a smooth range of motion without the fear of breakage or change in feel or range. For maximum comfort and precision, the DVP3’s rocker tension is fully adjustable.


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Cherub Tuners Australia - WST640C

CHERUB Auto On, No Button Clip On Tuner - Guitar, Chromatic & Ukuleles


Digital Auto-On, Clip-On Chromatic Tuner. No buttons! Simply flip tuner up to turn on and push down for off. 3 colour backlit LCD display - yellow, flat: green, in tune; red, sharp. Built-in Piezo sensor for accurate tuning. Auto tuning range A0 - C8. Auto off. CR2032 battery included. Black.

RTSTUDIO Rhythm Tech Studio Pack

RHYTHM TECH - Studio Pack.


This pack has everything you need for a wide range of percussion overdubs.



  • - RT101, Original Rhythm Tech half moon tambourine;
  • - DBRT305, 5 “ Studio cowbell w/beater;
  • - ERT219, 9" Studio shaker;
  • - DBRT600, Trigger Triangle;
  • - Rhythm Tech egg shaker;
  • - DBRT798, Gig Tray.

Jim Dunlop Heavy Core Strings Bass

Jim Dunlop - Heavy Core Bass NPS


Heavy Core Bass Strings are for bass players who tune down and dig in. We craft these strings with thicker core wires for standard feel and tonal definition. With Heavy Core Bass Strings, you can play with your natural attack and retain big, punchy fundamentals when tuning below E-Standard.

Each Heavy Core Bass String set is optimized for a specific range of tunings: Heavy for Drop D and D Standard; Heavier for Drop C and C Standard; and Heaviest for Drop B and B Standard.

Feel it, hear it! The Worlds First Pick with Tone.

Way Huge Echo Puss



The Way Huge Echo-Puss was designed by delay expert Jeorge Tripps for players who want an organic analog delay pedal that allows them to fine-tune their delay sound with a simple user interface.


It serves up 600ms of delay with a pair of gravelly-voiced bucket-brigade chips. Additionally, a fully tweakable LFO modulation circuit allows you to add a liquid texture to the sound of the repeats.


Powered by 9 volt battery or AC adaptor.

Way Huge Supa Puss



Analog delay with tap tempo. Jeorge Tripps, the sensei of delay equipped this puss with six growling bucket brigade chips for up to 900 ms of pure analog delay, an LFO modulation circuit and tap tempo switch to program in up to three full seconds of real time delay for ethereal ambiance. Loaded with controls, you can dial in anything up to maximum freak out effects.

For even further tweakability Tripps even added a wet/dry mix control. An expression pedal socket provides continuous real time control. True hardwire relay bypass. Powered by 9 volt battery or AC adaptor

RTPERF Rhythm Tech Performer Pack

RHYTHM TECH - Performer Pack.


A must for any serious drummer.



- ERT235, 7" Cocktail shaker;
- DBRT340, Moon Block w/mount;
- RT721, Hat Trick G2 - brass jingles;
- RTDS20, Drum Set tambourine - brass jingles.


Plus a free Rhythm Tech backpack!




SNARK - Guitar & Bass


Clip-on Chromatic Tuner.


Full colour LCD needle display. Pitch shift 415-466 Hz.Tap tempo metronome. Transpose function down to four flats. High sensitivity vibration sensor specially designed for guitar. Power save and auto off feature. CR2032 battery included.


Soft touch finish. Blue.


Zildjian Sound Lab - Cymbal Comparison Video - A Zildjian

SNARK - Blazingly fast chromatic stage and studio tuner


  • Huge EZ read, full colour LCD display.
  • Pitch calibration 415-466 Hz.
  • 9 volt DC input and output sockets.
  • Diecast metal case.
  • True bypass.
  • Powered by 9 volt battery or optional AC adpator (RPC921R).

The Art of Dirty Donny

red Ilama

DiMarzio Ionizer 8™ Pickups


  • The Ionizer 8™ Neck, Middle & Bridge Model pickups were designed for Tosin Abasi. 


  • Tosin is pushing the envelope with 8-string guitars. He needs lots of sounds, and he wants pickups that can make them all. It’s taken us nearly two years to develop the pickup Tosin envisioned.


  • It’s warm and open like a vintage humbucker, solid and tight like a modern metal pickup, and performs like a classic single-coil in split mode.

red Ilama

Xtreme Dreadnought Western & 12 String


  • Heavy duty ABS moulded.
  • Arched top.
  • Thick foam interior padding.
  • 7mm light grey super plush lining.
  • Aluminium valance.
  • Covered accessory compartment.
  • 6 deluxe drawbolt nickel plated latches with lock.
  • Xtreme logo plate.
  • Patterned finish. Light grey.


mxr Talk Box M222

MXR Talk Box


The Talk Box is a classic effect—you can hear it on some of the greatest songs ever recorded, across genres and time, from funk and ’70s rock to hard rock and metal. Its unique, highly expressive character is instantly recognizable.


Like all MXR pedals, the MXR Talk Box is built into a sturdy, road-ready housing to endure the rigors of the road. Includes an 18-volt power supply, an 8' surgical tube and a mic standclip.

MXR - Analog Chorus.

All-analog pedal using bucket-brigade circuitry to create classically lush, liquid textures not attainable with digital circuitry. Rate, level, depth, high and low frequency controls allow ultimate tone control. Buffered bypass. Powered by 9 volt battery or AC adaptor (RPC921R).



Dunlop 4 string electric bass set

DUNLOP - 4 String Electric Bass String Set

Extra heavy - Drop Tune.
060    .080    .100    .120

Bass players demand consistency, durability and versatility from their strings. Dunlop delivers. Dunlop Bass Strings offer traditionalists, slappers, and pickwielding rockers cutting midrange, wide bottom end and a growl that will cut through any band.




GALLI - D-Tuned - 4 String Bass string set. Specially tensioned nickel round wound to avoid string buzz.
.045 .065 .085 .105


5 String Bass string set
.045 .065 .085 .105 .130


check this out


John Petrucci’s new signature neck humbucker. Designed to span a multitude of different sounds within one guitar, from massive overdrive to expressive, dynamic and very liquid with more clarity and presence when he plays solos. Output: 295mV.

DiMarzio Transition Bridge

DiMARZIO - Transition™ Pickups.

    Transition Neck & Bridge Model pickups were designed for Steve Lukather and Luke's new LIII™ Music Man guitar. The passive Transition™ humbuckers are both subtle and tough. They have power and they have depth. Steve says they’re organic, and they allow him to own his sound. “These days I like it simple and direct,” he shares. Steve says he's started over sonically and is into a more organic sound these days, but the Transition™ Bridge Model has a tough, in-your-face sound that's also perfect for shredding and technical playing.