The Stentor Violins Range -
Stentor Violins sell more violins worldwide than any other manufacturer, building up an excellent reputation for student violins amongst music teachers for their good quality and economic prices. Stentor Violins have a number of different instruments in their violin range, from very basic models for complete beginners, through to violins suitable for advanced students and young professional musicians, such as the Stentor Elysisa Violin. Made by hand in a workshop environment in Stentors own factory in China. Stentor violins are noted for their quality craftsmanship and materials.

The Correct Size for a Violin - Stentor violins are supplied in a variety of sizes, meaning most models can be selected for anyone, from young children to adults. The key factor when considering which size of violin to select is the arm length. The measurement would be taken from the neck to the palm of the hand, using a straight arm. There are many different sizes available across the Stentor violin range. The violin size descriptions correspond to length of the body of the instrument, taken from the bottom edge to the join between body and the violin's neck. For example, a 4/4 violin would measure 14 inches, 3/4 13 inches, 1/2 12 inches while 1/4 would be 11. Each Stentor violin is listed with different size options.

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